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From CDAN:

She Was The Madam

It is probably the greatest escort service ever devised and this B- list celebrity was in charge of it. Our celebrity had been escorting herself but was tired of it and wanted to make more money and also wanted to be a star. That was always her number one goal. It is why she gave discounts to people who could give her a break. One of those men who she gave a discount suggested a way she could achieve both her goals. So, our celebrity found some escorts who also wanted to be stars and put them together. They traveled the world and everywhere they went the women would spend a night or two with a very very high paying client while at the same time they became stars, or at least the madam did. She took a huge cut of everything and when one of the team got engaged or started doing drugs or didn't wanna be an escort anymore, she was replaced. For years this went on until there were too many people who knew and things were getting complicated so our celebrity shut the whole thing down despite it being immensely profitable.
Isn't this just another version of the earlier CDAN BI about the madam, the ex-banker's wife who likes to hunt?
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