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no one has mentioned Slipknot yet, they are one of my favourite bands, seen them twice and both times they were fantastic.

Everything Ends
Mine too, right from their first album. I've seen them live twice aswell and agree they are great.

Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses is one of my favourite albums ever. Infact they seem to get more mature with every album.
Though what's interesting is that my favourite song of their's is either 'Danger - Keep Away' or 'Til We Die', two of their softer ones. Maybe because Corey's voice is really amazing and versatile.
Danger - Keep Away

Til We Die

But keeping in theme with my previous post, the Slipknot song I most rely on to really let my hair down is -
This Cold Black

or maybe the song they won a Grammy for-
Before I Forget
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