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Many of the websites linked to indicate Geoffrey Dickens life was under threat after disclosing the name of a former diplomat he regarded a security risk. The suggestion from those websites being the authorities or criminal gangs wanted Dickens eradicated, but those websites don't go into detail.

Yes, in Spring 1982 Geoffrey Dickens' London home was burgaled but it can't have been serious as Geoffrey joked about it with another MP who had also been burgaled.

Yes, on 29 Nov 1985 Geoffrey Dickens told the House of Commons his name appeared on a multi-killer's hit list, but how did Geoffrey know?

Two years earlier on 2 Nov 1983 Geoffrey revealed to a journalist that Sheffield police had warned his office that his name was found in a notebook belonging to a person who had escaped from custody and was wanted in connection with a triple murder.

The notebook belonged to Arthur Hutchinson who was recaptured on 1 Dec 1983 and charged with the brutal murder of a married couple and their son.

On 14 Sep 1984 Hutchinson was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years but the Home Secretary extended that to life and that meant life.

Far from being an agent of the state or a contract killer Hutchinson appears to have been a mad violent person.
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