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Heard some odd things about Kate Bush recently. Seemingly she is trying to block a public right of way and a beach in Devon, where she has a second home, and is so obsessed with her privacy she even went up in a helicopter to see if people were looking into her garden. Also she seems to go ballistic if anyone catches a glimpse of her in garden in her main home.
However, the singer usually is kind to her closest friends and perfectly fine with fans at occasional conventions. It's just she can't stand anyone near her private world.
I don't think there's anything odd about someone wanting to respect their privacy.
To be fair, her neighbours sound like a horrible bunch, there were rumours spread that she was in an incestuous relationship with her child. Who would want to interact with nasty-minded gossips?
Also, back in the eighties, she was being stalked by a music journalist (who I won't name because it might be libelous) - so it's not surprising if she's paranoid about her privacy.
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