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This thread is hilarious. The title should be changed to I HATE PETER ANDRE BUT CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM.

From what i can see your a bunch of middle aged woman who say you can't stand the guy but spend all your time thinking about him and writing about him lol. That is so sad. If you don't like him why do you watch his shows read his columns and pay so much attention to him. Are your own lives really that sad. Ignore him. Or maybe you secretly do like him but don't want to admit it.
Nail on head D.A.N.N.Y but the problem is the self styled 'Abomination Gang' do seem to genuinely find each other absolutely hilarious so these threads will continue to run and run. At the moment Pete's giving them precious little material to work with so they're having to imagine things that he might say or do or feel and slate him for those instead. Back in the real world he's clearly still grieving for his brother but getting on with work, enjoying his relationship with Emily and keeping a low profile. Still as Douglas Adams might say they're 'mostly harmless' and it keeps them amused. But kudos to you - a single post and you're already considered to be on Pete's payroll - that's quite an accolade!
In a thread about the Abomination that is Andre, I politely suggest that you both stick to discussing Peteybabes and not other posters.
Thank you.
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