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No, seem all fine to me
Ha ha

Seriously, though, as this is more a traditional AV-focused forum, it's easy for us to forget that earlier PlayStations were massively successful cash cows that made up a significant percentage of Sony's income. (The PS2 in particular).

The fact that the PS3 never dominated its generation in the same way (despite catching up with the XBox 360) and will probably never make back the sunk costs of its early days before it's obsolete has to have had a significant effect on Sony's financial health.

(Some may say that Sony deserved this for their "it doesn't matter how expensive it is, people will find a way to afford it" attitude when it was launched).

They have to do it all over again for the PS4, but that's not a guaranteed success- it's been argued that the market is moving away from traditional "big name" consoles.

So, now that the income stream that protected them as the market changed from the 1990s onwards (along, apparently with income from their own bank) is less certain, are they going to pull something else out of the hat?
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