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In a written question in Mar 1981 Geoffrey Dickens asked the Duchy of Lancaster if he would set up a Select Committee to investigate the security implications of the entries contained within the volumes of Sir Peter Hayman's diaries referred to in the trial of Tom O'Carroll at the Old Bailey.

Mr. Pym replied: No.

Here's part of a letter that appeared a few days later in the Times, signed by a Julian Fellowes from Acton....

Sir, Thoroughly revolted as I am by the Paedophiliac Society with all its professed aims, I feel I cannot be alone this week in being almost as disgusted by the spectacle of a Tory MP dangling his victim over the slavering jaws of the media.

The feeblest student of human nature must surely be aware of how slight the connexion between pornography and practice need be. To flirt with fetishes is hardly rare in the best circles, but if every man who had who had ever bought a "bondage" magazine seriously desired to be trussed up and cudgelled, Whitehall would surely prove a violent place indeed. This unfortunate, true to type, we are confidently told has not committed an illegal sexual act, but merely spent the years accumulating his sad and grimy collection.

And now for this pathetic offence - an offence so slight that it is beneath the official notice of the law - the wretch, dependent on the whim of scrupulous Mr Dickens, is to have his life, public and private, more thoroughly smashed than if he had murdered his kinsman in broad daylight.

Julian Fellowes
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