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From CDAN:

Another bad behaviour blind. This time the offender is a B- list mostly television actress who is only B- because of one show. Otherwise? You would not even know her name and if he show on that almost network crashes, so will her career. So, you would think someone in a precarious position such as that would be nicer to friends, family and co-workers. Nope. Co-workers on the set of her show say they have never met a bigger diva and makes sure that everyone waits for her on set so she can make a grand entrance. Every time. For every scene. Fans who want photos? Only if someone from the press is watching, otherwise she is "far too busy." Says it just like that too. Who talks like that? The next thing you know she will be doing a fake British accent. Whoops. Too late. Started doing it in the past few weeks.
Maybe she could write about it in her diaries, preferably at night though

Definitely her as there is a vid of her appearing on a late night chat show where she does her British accent
The Canadian actress? I doubt it is her, as there are endless reports of her being really nice with fans, she spends lot of time with her family, and her co-stars seem to like her a lot.
The Canadian with the late night Diary habit and an aversion to sunlight is in a show that has been going for several seasons so not really in danger of "crashing".

The other Diarist (who is American), who won't meet 'Big' for years yet has a back catalogue of small movie/TV movie parts ("mostly TV" tends to mean 'series' rather than one-offs)

I believe this might be Lana Lang, who is once again playing in a show that is a re-tread of previous material, and whose latest show might be cancelled soon.
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