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I feel sorry for the kid and think it's quite odd so many adults have such venom for him and feel so much glee to witness a 19 year old boy having a meltdown. Say a lot more about them than it does about him. He needs some better quality friends around him and some time out of the spotlight. Sadly he's a cash cow for too many people so they won't allow him.

He is also very talented but the direction his management have taken him in doesn't really showcase it. Shame. He would have been better off forming a band with some friends and having a more low key career.
He's not a kid, he's a 19 year old young man with a responsibility to fans who pay hundreds of pounds for tickets the proceeds of which keep him in a millionaire lifestyle far beyond the reach of most young men his age.

He's got a hell of a lot of growing up to do.
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