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Love this thread. I've met a few celebs since moving to central London:

The Wanted - very nice. Was standing next to one of them in a pub. Thought he looked familiar but couldn't place him. Then the others came over and I realised. Very nice - posed for a photo with me and asked if I was having a good night.

Patsy Kensit - OK but desperate to be recognised. She was at my weight watchers meeting just before her campaign came out, trying to blend in as a normal member but also saying 'I'm Patsy' very loudly to everyone and insisting on presenting the weight loss awards etc

Brian McFaddden - not nice. Saw him in a shopping centre with his wife recently. I caught is eye by chance and I thought he was someone I knew at first so said 'hi' and he gave me a withering look.

Dean Gaffeny - met him outside a club when I was slightly worse for wear and I loved the fact I had seen him as I'm a big Eastenders fan. I called him Robbie which he didn't seem very impressed about but fair enough.

Minnie Driver - lovely. She was sitting at the table next to me in a cafe with her daughter and what I presume was her mum. She and her mum had a glass of wine each from the bottle they were sharing and then gave my friend and I the rest of the bottle as they were leaving.

Love reading everyone's stories. My friend is an air hostess and has told me lots of great anecdotes. She too thinks Cilla is vile, as is Holly Valance according to her. Apparently Holly shunned the menu, slagging off the food and drink selections, would only speak through her manager and was just generally horrible.She says David Beckham is an absolute gem.
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