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Pantera are awesome - Vulgar Display of Power is a brilliant album!

Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe - Every tune is a classic.

Also anything Stone Sour create.
I agree on Pantera and Rob Zombie. Although i have sort of outgrown RZ's style a bit, i did go to see him and Marilyn Manson recently, got super drunk and enjoyed it. Rob is always awesome live.

I thought Stone Sour's first album was ok, but didn't like anything else they did. I feel that Corey's new, more mainstream style got into Slipknot's blood a bit. That wasn't so good imo. But i will say i quite enjoyed Vol 3. I think that was their best work. But i was never a massive fan. They always seemed like a stepping stone for kids that just discovered heavy riffage.
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