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For me, the main problem with having the Unlimited card and seeing a lot of films is this:

"Puss in Boots, a ginger tomcat who wears a cavalier's hat, spies a spot of light on the ground and chases it."

(Formerly: "Top Cat tosses an old woman into the air to prevent her from being hit by a giant, freewheeling cable drum. She whacks him.")

They've really drummed that into your head haven't they?!

I've found lately that the trailers seem to come on quicker (after normal ads) and you thing you're nearly there but then all the Cineworld related ones, coke, piracy, Bacon etc seem to be getting longer.

I do prefer the Kevin Bacon ones to the old ones that hijacked a film trailer (Rio, A Team, The Sweeney etc). They always confused me at first thinking, "oh, more trailers, oh wait, no."
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