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I think she's referring (yet AGAIN yawn) to Nirps, who used to call her Chubby. The meaty thighs is also a reference to him I believe. She holds onto affronts longer than anyone I have ever met. And what's wrong with meaty thighs anyway.
Case in point? Ossie Clark - a 25 year grudge. The fact that he died in 1996 didn't stop her mentioning it in 2013. Do you think she has a little notebook?

"Former Friend X
- crime: cooked my food in the same pan as bacon
- punishment: spat food over table, wrote about it 6 times.
Former Friend Y
- crime: accepted gift of Mulberry bag (26K)
- punishment: wrote about it 5 times*

*Note to self - mention this again, 5 may not be enough"
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