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was reading a book recently which talked about details about the case and was wondering if michael is innocent.
And that the family were after money to produce a movie that evan chandler had come up with why jordie has not spoken out since he must be around 32 years old by now.
Is he legally not allowed?.
When Michael Jackson died the official line was he was fit as a fiddle no problems, the 'This Is It' film produced by Kenny Ortega proved it.

Yet Kenny had been e-mailing Randy Phillips (AEG) of his concerns and in affect to shut.

Randy Phillips referred to Michael as a 'basket case' locking himself away drunk in a hotel room.

If those people could go on TV and blank that out of their minds then what else would the Jackson machine happily cover up as a favour or for commercial reasons?

Someone doesn't employ an enforcer such as Anthony Pellicano without having something to hide. Why hire muscle like Pellicano to deal with the Chandlers and at the same time he was the person dealing with Wade Robson's record deal?

Coincidence the record deal was agreed at the same time Michael's defence caved in?
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