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Unfortunately She seems to have us all hooked.

The first thing I do on a Sunday morning is read her column and any other rubbish she has "written". It really irritates me that all the times we are discussing her and reading her column and other "articles" her hit count is going up and up and up. Maybe someone can copy and paste the articles here every Sunday so it isn't getting the hits?

Anyway, she doesn't seem to be claiming she lives in dire poverty any more just that she has debts when in this day and age who doesn't?

And on a side note, I listen to absolute 80s radio station and I am always wondering, is this who she is fantasising about, or him, or him, or him?
In this week's Dreary she says she has debts, but then contemplates buying a Victoria Beckham cocktail dress.

Nice to know she has her priorities right.
I can see this developing into a replay of the people she owed money to in Dulverton.
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