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It wouldn't be the first time for someone to blame somebody else for the death of a close relative. Grief does funny things to people's mental states. But it also does not detract from the possibility that the mother may have faked the diaries as well, or at least maybe exaggerated them. A common tactic, when one has a campaign against someone else.

Why is it impossible to imagine that the "other neighbours" wouldn't have had a vendetta against her. It wouldn't be too far fetched that they were friends of the old lady who wrote the diary. Especially the ones who were neighbours of the "vicarage" where she was staying. It is a good bet that they didn't want "her sort" moving into their neighbourhood. about something from left field. I am surprised you didn't mention the Hitler diaries, or even the Clarke diaries. Really....what a pointless and ridiculous remark.
Not really you are the one that refers to the Daily Heil (i.e. implicitly comparing one of our top selling papers to some Nazi publication)!

Why on earth would you assume this man grieving for his mother would forge diary entries about her treatment by Ms Frost and family to get free publicity in the Mail? Because that is effectively what you implied perhaps the analogy is a little too subtle!
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