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Yaaaaay! Result!

Actually, he might be loaded but he's a late teenager who has never known anything else other than being a performing puppet and lots of people will have made money out of him. Whatever 'talent' he might or might not have has been exploited to the limit. Takes all the pleasure out of performing when you're expected to keep going, so I can kind of understand his meltdown. He's had to go through all his growing up in the spotlight, including the (a bit delayed, in his case) teenage tantrums, so it seems. All the usual 'rules' of maturity and boundaries are alien to him because of his way out lifestyle.

I mean, how many young people who've grown up in the spotlight have gone off the rails?

All the same, he just comes across as an obnoxious little squirt and some time out of the spotlight might do him some good.
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