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Not really you are the one that refers to the Daily Heil (i.e. implicitly comparing one of our top selling papers to some Nazi publication)!

Why on earth would you assume this man grieving for his mother would forge diary entries about her treatment by Ms Frost and family to get free publicity in the Mail? Because that is effectively what you implied perhaps the analogy is a little too subtle!
There probably is an element of truth in the Mails story, obviously 11 children are going to make a noise and there will be a mess, although looking at the pictures I've seen a worse mess made by fewer children. But I believe that the Mail has exaggerated/embellished on the story especially as I pointed out in the other thread on this subject the Mail added this comment...

Undated: 'Iron bars on the back garden, also broken toys, smashing glass of the greenhouse with rocks sanitary towel soiled baby underclothes'
... after they had published the contents of the diary so it can't be confirmed.
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