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Not really you are the one that refers to the Daily Heil (i.e. implicitly comparing one of our top selling papers to some Nazi publication)!

Why on earth would you assume this man grieving for his mother would forge diary entries about her treatment by Ms Frost and family to get free publicity in the Mail? Because that is effectively what you implied perhaps the analogy is a little too subtle!
I don't believe I was being subtle at all. But it is no different to the accusation made about others, who want to publicise their grievance, as long as it fits the accuser's agenda. The whole point I was making was not "who did what," but simply the inability of others to look beyond the lies they are told to believe by the Daily Heil. Think for yourselves, people.

On which point I have no qualms in referring this rag to as the Daily Heil. From your point about being compared to a Nazi publication, you need to read more about the publication's history. But, from a more contemporary perspective, they do tend to support the more racist and bigoted views expressed by its readership.
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