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No, you were accusing many others of colluding to make up lies against this woman. You questioned the mental state of one of the people involved and concluded that a recently deceased person may well have faked evidence.
And I don't see the issue. I am not allowed to make such suggestions? If I am not, I would love to hear why. All I am doing is indulging in the same journalistic values demonstrated by the Daily Heil, I would have thought you would have relished in it.

You've invented a whole wild conspiracy theory just because you canít bring yourself to accept that there may well be some truth to a story reported in a couple of newspapers you dislike.
But it seems to be the newspapers that tend to be a little bit hyperbolic when it comes to describing people on benefits, don't you think?

Give it up, please...
I will, when this ridiculous nonsense stops.
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