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And I don't see the issue. I am not allowed to make such suggestions? If I am not, I would love to hear why. All I am doing is indulging in the same journalistic values demonstrated by the Daily Heil, I would have thought you would have relished in it.
Of course you are allowed to make suggestions, just as others will come back and tell you if they think they are a bit wacky!

Ah so your posts were just a bit of fun, a parody. It wasn't clear. Normally you are a very serious poster so it was a little out of character. Perhaps you need to flag it next time with a knowing wink

But it seems to be the newspapers that tend to be a little bit hyperbolic when it comes to describing people on benefits, don't you think?
Newspapers are a little bit hyperbolic over many of the subjects they cover. I don't think we ever found out how this woman and her family came to be known to the media in the first place. In some instances they contact the media themselves - see some of the strange stories that pop up in the "real life" sections of some of the cheap weekly magazines...
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