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I don't believe I was being subtle at all. But it is no different to the accusation made about others, who want to publicise their grievance, as long as it fits the accuser's agenda. The whole point I was making was not "who did what," but simply the inability of others to look beyond the lies they are told to believe by the Daily Heil. Think for yourselves, people.

On which point I have no qualms in referring this rag to as the Daily Heil. From your point about being compared to a Nazi publication, you need to read more about the publication's history. But, from a more contemporary perspective, they do tend to support the more racist and bigoted views expressed by its readership.
Oswald Mosley was a Labour MP and a Cabinet minister in a Labour government.

Applying your logic the Labour party also has links to Nazis which is just as ridiculous as your analogy in respect of the Daily Mail.

You are talking about having an open mind yet you seem to have a very closed mind in respect of this newspaper. Just as applies to the Guardian and other papers some stuff in the Mail is rubbish but most of it is accurate.

And I have no doubt this 80 year old lady did suffer terribly from living next to Frost and Co for five years and the authorities did nothing to assist her while she was basically being terrorised as a war widow she deserved better! Otherwise is to imply her son is a liar and forged her diary!

Just because her children need housing by the state does not give her carte blanche to do what she wants.
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