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But I a little confused that you didn't just lap it up. you seemed very ready to believe the same story, but from a reverse perspective. Now that eh story has been presented to you from both sides, la Daily Heil, which is the true story? Is it the evil mother of eleven, running riot and destroying the idyllic English countryside with her demonic brood, or is it the agrieved nutter, making false entries in his dead mother's diary? I suppose, as one of them is on benefits and the other has a dead pensioner mother, I can guess which one you you would be most ready to believe.
Nobody here is "evil", "demonic" or a "nutter". Your rather insensitive and insulting language tells us more about you than it does about the way I feel about people. I have never called her or her family any of the things you mention, and I have no knowledge of the mental state of the son. You are the one with the rather overactive imagination.

See, people do the strangest things when they involve the Daily Heil.
I hope you feel better soon
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