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Well you were talking about eviction before, and asking why they had not been evicted if their behaviour was bad and indeed if they were being “rewarded” with a new house.
Only because of the comment(s) that had been made in the post I was replying to.

I don't think the council have any real choice, they have to house them so eviction isn't much of an option for a family of 13. We need to look forward to how taxpayers will not be encouraging such large families in the future, for example by limited benefits for children and housing benefits.
I don't think councils can do anything either provided the children are being well cared for and are not being neglected so obviously she is a good mother. For some reason the media seem to have a vendetta against her. But will limiting benefits stop people having babies and what happens if it doesn't and more children have to be taken into care at an even greater cost. What will the tax payer think about that ?

She has a partner who is an unemployed lorry driver I believe.
Well obviously she's had a partner or partners at sometime so why is she the only one getting any blame, surely the father/fathers are just as responsible for the children's up bringing as the mother.
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