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given how long-running his problems are and that his friends were funding treatment I struggle to understand why he didn't stay at the clinic longer. That article suggests he is going back to Bournemouth and going to start AA meetings again, deja vu. Best of luck to him but he has the benefit of hindsight from similar previous situations so I don't understand his logic. As Lexi said 3 months minimum, anything less sounds like a mini-break
I made much the same point on the other thread a few weeks ago. I'm no expert at all but given how deep rooted his problems are I would have thought several months in rehab would be a must. I can't see someone like him coping just going to AA meetings and so on. I mean he was injecting cocaine just a few weeks ago.

He has form for leaving early rehab early as well. I know they say the rehab was happy for him to go but its not a good sign to me.

A point I made in the other thread is that I don't really think he has ever been clean as such. When he wasn't drinking (as fas as we know) I read and saw several interviews and most mentioned his constant chain smoking and others his non-stop exercise regime. To me it just seemed he was replacing one addiction with another. One may not be as bad as the other, but addicted all the same. Anything he did had to be done to excess. Didn't seem to me he had ever really dealt with his problems.

I really hope he does get better but at the moment all I can't see anything except the next and perhaps final "relapse".
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