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To be honest, I think he'd be regarded as too much of a liability for a big club like Man U, and he won't be fit for any kind of job until he's proved he can stay off the booze for a fair stretch of time.

It's his responsibility to try to help himself with support, not for someone to nanny him 7 days a week.
Not saying he needs nannying, he just needs to be given a purpose. A reason to get up in the morning and a reason to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Something to give him pleasure and a reason to stay healthy. And football is as close to his heart as anything will be. If he can be given a football role that is serious and important, it's better than him having nothing. Surely football as a sport can give him that opportunity. It would be a shame if the sport can't help one of it's legends in this way.
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