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Then again I do recall interviews in which he said 'Barcelona' (his 1988 solo album) was the record he always wanted to make. Even if that album wasn't commercially/critically successful as his Queen work, from his point of view he would probably say he went out not long after reaching his personal peak
His personal peak would have been a full scale opera stage show that he produced and took part in. Something he never had the time to do really. But if you watch the performances with Montserrat Caballé such as this one:

You can see how amazing it would have been. Imagine him performing like that in front of a full size opera house. He would have been in his element. I think he would have brought opera to the masses in a way we've not really seen. Sadly he ran out of time, but thankfully he got to work with Monte.

Anyway this isn't a FM thread so i'll stop there.
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