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Perhaps he was brought in to make a problem go away. That doesn't have to indicate guilt.
So why would Pellicano regularly lie?

Jul 8 1993 Secret recording made of a phone call between Evan Chandler and the partner of Jordie's mother. Tape given to audio expert Anthony Pellicano.

Aug 4 1993 Michael, Evan, Jordie and Pellicano have a meeting at the Westwood Marquis. Later guess who's version makes it way into the media.

Aug 23 1993 Police raid Neverland, media don't know why.Pellicano was out of the country, he instructs Michael's driver to pick up a case from a hideout Michael had, and take the case to Pellicano's apartment.

Aug 24 1993 Pellicano tells the media he has been investigating for 2 months* an attempted extortion, (by the mother)* alongside the police and the molestation claims were part of the extortion.

Few days later The LA Times reveals no claims of extortion had been lodged with the Police.

The police had been supplied with the tapes of the calls to Evan and declare they could find no evidence of extortion.

Sep 01 1933 At a press conference Pellicano plays part of the phone calls to Evan Chandler, to demonstrate what a bad man he is...but no extortion.

The LA Police produced a transcript of the phone calls (over 200 pages?). In October 1994 Mary Fischer wrote a defence of Michael, in it she quoted bits of the Evan telephone calls.

Mary somehow managed to create a quote which began with a line on page 134 of the Police transcript followed by a line from page 206 ending with a line from page 27, she's a genius. Or was she using an edited version supplied by Pellicano.

*At about the time Evan was raising concerns with his wife, Pellicano a private detective began negotiating the record deal with Wade Robson's mother.
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