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Summary of Recommendations

Recommendation 1
The College of Policing should issue guidelines to all forces about how to deal with investigations of child abuse following the death of the alleged perpetrator.

Recommendation 2
In view of the current low reporting rate, the police service and the College of Policing should establish ways to encourage the reporting of sexual crimes, creating a culture and operating practices that do not contain perverse incentives to the detriment of victims and the public.

Recommendation 3
We consider that a system of mandatory reporting should be examined whereby those who, in the course of their professional duties, become aware of information or evidence that a child is or has been the victim of abuse should be under a legal obligation to notify their concerns to others.

Recommendation 4
Each agency which has a role to play in safeguarding arrangements for children and vulnerable adults should ensure they comply with relevant policies; there must be regular and systematic checks to ensure that those policies are being properly and fully put into practice.

Recommendation 5
All relevant Inspectorates should ensure that their inspection regimes and programmes are designed to report on how well these policies are being applied at a local level.
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