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Duncroft mentioned....1964

The 1964 MPS ledger
5.1 The MPS has discovered an intelligence record held by its Paedophile Unit, dating from approximately 1964. The record reads as follows:

“BATTERSEA BRIDGE ROAD, (WA) – 4 older girls & youth named [name] (? Homosexual) live at – Jimmy SAVILLE (sic) well known disc jockey frequents – used by absconders from DUNCROFT APP SCHOOL”

A second entry on the page opposite reads:

“DUNCROFT APP SCHOOL – Absconders – Vice Ring. [Name] ….living on (sic) immoral earnings of [names of two females identified as DUNCROFT girls].

2 yrs imp.

[Name]…Charged with [name] as above, also further charged with harbouring [female‟s name] – failed to appear…on 20/10/64 having estreated his bail & thought to be in Holland.

[Name], [address]. At CCC (Central Criminal Court) on 5/11/1964. Charged with living on (sic) earnings & procuring [two female names]. Found NOT GUILTY. No connection with [name and name] above, but all DUNCROFT girls.

The address (sic) used by [name and name] were [address given].
All men were coloured.
[Name of female] (ex-Duncroft) introduced the girls to the men concerned.”
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