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Seriously?.. any weapon is stored when not in use... when in use it is the responsibility of whomever is using it... since there have been no reports of KP's children being injured by a weapon I am going to assume it was being used responsibly.

Things we should not use because a child might walk in the room... straighteners... knives... scissors... hammers... make that any DIY tool... most kitchen implements... all cleaning products... in fact I would hazard a guess that this list injures more children yearly than any weapons... nothing is dangerous if you are using it responsibly.
Well considering how careless Kev was with his other "weapon" I'd say he needs supervision regarding ALL weapons.
Why on earth would an alleged adult be using a weapon of any kind indoors anywhere other than at a firing range anyway ? In a home where there are three children,one of whom has a disability & could wander in at any point ? Not to mention pregnant KP & the heavily pregnant Lara staying there.It beggars belief.
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