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He is nowhere near clean & sober. 5 weeks ago he was beer-logged & on the verge of death. Now he has dried out & regained some strength & that is the sum total of his 'rehab'. Just an expensive hospital stay really.
Think about it----he was seriously ill & confined to bed for weeks. So there was NO dealing with his mental issues during that period. After that he had two weeks tops with the experts wanting to sort his head issue out. Not enough. Plus,bear in mind HE signed himself out...he wasn't discharged.
He is already flogging his monotonous story to anyone who'll buy it & then the money amassed will be spent on drink as soon as the spotlight is off him. Will his child see any of the backlog of support payments? Nope,why break THAT habit. He is a loser & it astounds me people buy into his sob story. He had it all & wasted it ...again & again & again. George Best Mk2.
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