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I was just trying to find the old Frank Skinner interview where she said that (BIB) to make sure I was correct, but ended up watching one of her & PA, think that one might have been zapped.
Kev's ex is Jaiden (according to jaiden) @jaidenofficial of scousewives (I only know this because of these threads), according to Jaiden, who's written a book called diary of a zlist, promising to spill the beans about every zlister on the circuit. Maria Fowler (just googled & she's from TOWIE) seems to have gotten on the wrong side of him & has tweeted
"Maria Fowler‏@MariaFowler
Everyone who is gonna waste thier money on that jaiden scousecranks book.... Don't bother @zlistdiary has tweeted it all RT"
which was a free copy of the book to stop him making any money. Resulting in a foul mouthed twitter rant from him telling her at least he sleeps with footballers for free & threatening litigation, the uploader account has been suspended & looks like some tweets have been deleted.
i remember jaiden and i know why maria hates him. its all because of her bust up with marcus collins last year, apparently he was with marcus when it happened and wrote various vile posts about her following the z-list altercation.
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