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Yep deliberate it is... it doesn't have to be locked away if it is being used properly... maybe he was walking outside with it... after all you and the Mirror are using the words messing about... and since he does not appear to have shot anyone I am guessing he is using it responsibly... why oh why is that so difficult to understand.

NOTHING is dangerous if it is used properly and responsibly by someone who knows what they are doing...

If I can make my argument any more transparent please let me know... however it is lovely to think my posts are contributing to your mad moments.

Hi Momma... see people like you give me hope that I am not tormenting all and sundry with obfuscation... since you so clearly understood my point.
I think your argument is perfectly valid and well reasoned and your post is as transparent and easy to understand as it's possible to be.

But, as Azura said, how dare you let logic and reason get in the way of a KP bashing thread.

Sheesh, if this carries on, we'll all be accused of being secret fans.

Anyway, can't stop, back to the day job of shoving small children up chimneys and counting my filthy lucre *manic chuckle*
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