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Not saying he needs nannying, he just needs to be given a purpose. A reason to get up in the morning and a reason to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Something to give him pleasure and a reason to stay healthy. And football is as close to his heart as anything will be. If he can be given a football role that is serious and important, it's better than him having nothing. Surely football as a sport can give him that opportunity. It would be a shame if the sport can't help one of it's legends in this way.
He has been given this and more.
Given coaching jobs that did not exist but were created for him, assistant manager jobs and one ill-fated non-league management post.
Football has bent over backwards to give him support, qualifications and put him in contact with many, many job opportunities. He has flung that help back on every occasion and yet people in the game are still willing to support him.
Gascoigne needs to find peace within himself and a direction in his life that is not alcohol related. Being near football is not a good idea for that.

As for getting a job at my club - MUFC - never in a month of Sundays. He (like many addicts) will be attention seeking, self-obsessed and an appalling influence on the younger players (and maybe some senior ones).
SAF has more sense than to let him near his team
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