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Don't lots of celeb have things in their rooms that look like replica guns so they can at least scare the sh*t out of an intruder? I know at least one that does...seen it.
Possibly, but this was apparently a legally held BB gun.

Is it just me ( I dip in and out of z-listery and so am not an expert) but has KP actually made it public how far along she is in her pregnancy? Because it all seems rather vague to me.
I think she claimed she was pregnant 5 weeks after they got married, but in her wedding pics there looks to be a bit of a bump already.

Leandro thinks she got pregnant 'incredibly quickly'. Wonder if he thinks it might be his?

'I'm happy for Katie - she's a fantastic mother.

'But I am surprised and hurt at how soon she fell pregnant. It was incredibly quick.'
1. I'm sure you are Leandro.
2. No, she isn't.
3. I bet you are - not to mention a bit worried.
4. Wasn't it just!
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