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What rubbish . It had nothing to do with London and hence him leaving and then cancelling two shows in Lisbon . Justin's problems are a lot deeper than "London" . It is a complete cop out to blame the location and not Justin .
Didn't he cancel just one show (the second one)?
And the promoter said it was du to the fact that only 60% of the tickets had been sold...
It seems it is a more common practise than we think according to that article I read (though maybe it happens earlier in the process, or JB is currently so high profile with his "screw ups" that anything happening around him is a big deal?). Then again, JB used to sell out all his shows in reccord time according to headlines, so maybe it's big news...

However, I agree with your assesment of his situation: He seems to be going through something (whether crumbling under the pressure or just a bad teenage crisis case, no idea) and his entourage doesn't seem to be dealing with it very well untill now. They need to step up. Of course it's partly JB's fault, but I don't see him wising up up without some outside help...
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