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I'm always a bit puzzled as to how she's a 'top fashion designer' as I don't recall her ever going to fashion college to learn pattern cutting, stitching teqniques, drawing designs etc. even Stella Macartney went to St Martins for 4 years to learn her craft, when exactly did posh take any time to learn her craft? She posted pictures of herself on twitter the other week in her studio pointing at mood boards, I suspect that's all she does, Ibet she couldn't even darn a sock let alone take a lenght of material and cut and stich it in to a dress!
Then she is in good company because many didn't start out in fashion.

Started on a different path

Vivienne Westwood -- teacher
Thierry Mugler -- dancer
Christian Dior -- art dealer
Miuccia Prada -- PhD, political science
Joan Vass -- museum curator

Getting started

Marc Jacobs -- stock boy for Charivari, a New York clothing store
Ralph Lauren -- road salesman for a neckwear manufacturer
Halston -- window dresser at Carson-Pirie-Scott
Coco Chanel -- clerk in a hosiery shop
Tommy Hilfiger -- freelance designer for Jordache jeans
Tom Ford -- actor/model in TV commercials
Michael Kors -- sales assistant at a boutique
Giorgio Armani -- buyer's assistant for a department store
Alexander McQueen -- tailor's apprentice
Jil Sander -- fashion journalist
Laura Ashley -- secretary
Manolo Blahnik -- jeans buyer
Salvatore Ferragamo -- factory worker making cowboy boots

Many did go on to design school but she wouldn't have the respect she seems to be getting from others in the industry if she wasn't at the very least coming up with the designs.
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