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Just been reading this.

Looking back to when I was a kid back then it was very much a man's world. Someone like Jimmy who was also a celeb what kid would have been believed back then?
It's just so sickening that there was a report in 1964 and ignored. Probably because he was a big name and a man and women and kidsback then it would have been their word against his. If the police had followed up this report in 1964 then decades of abuse may have been stopped.
That's the thing about the past. It was good in a lot of ways but not so good with things like this.
Just been reading a story about playwright Allan Bennett. He thought it was okay back then to let old gentlemen touch up his legs.
I'm convinced Savile was a bisexual pervert by the way. A man reporting to police that he had raped by JS in 1964 is very significant. Most men of that era would have been hugely embarrassed and reluctant to tell the police, so if this man was brave enough to go to the police, you'd have to think the rape actually happened.
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