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I'm convinced Savile was a bisexual pervert by the way. A man reporting to police that he had raped by JS in 1964 is very significant. Most men of that era would have been hugely embarrassed and reluctant to tell the police, so if this man was brave enough to go to the police, you'd have to think the rape actually happened.
Not really. This is what this man said today. We can't be really sure he was telling the true because there was no report and the rape supposedly happened 50 years ago. We only have his word. And if he is an unscrupulous person in need of money, he could take advantage of the scandal. And the report said "male" not "man", he may have been a kid when it supposedly took place.

I think the 1964 ignored report of what it may have been a prostituion house of teens and the police officers who said thet were aware of Savile's abuse of young girls is way more important than an anonymous homophobic gossipy letter that MWT found oh so important. You can bet the homophobic blogs will love that info.
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