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I'm convinced Savile was a bisexual pervert by the way. A man reporting to police that he had raped by JS in 1964 is very significant. Most men of that era would have been hugely embarrassed and reluctant to tell the police, so if this man was brave enough to go to the police, you'd have to think the rape actually happened.
Are there such things? as according to this thread Savile was in to everything... men,women.children, the disabled and even the dead.
That is why its so utterly ludicrious and says something about you lot here..Yet none of you can explain why he was never caught as in 50 years, a rampant pervert (as you like to think )would have made at least a teeny weany mistake at some point, and as a public figure would have been torn to pieces and gold for the newspapers.

and how are you to know that the police did not investigate this 1964 incident and found it to be complete bolloxs? As if Savile had been just a homosexual in 1964 he could have been locked up or at least his career ruined.

Maybe he was just too good a man for you lot?
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