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[I'm not sure why two of my inauguratory posts are on Justin Bieber threads, I guess all the hoo-har surrounding him recently has sucked me in too. The pop music industry fascinates me sometimes. Anyway, here goes]

It's been said so many times on these forums. 'Too much, too soon'. It's that simple. 'Dead behind the eyes'. A tale told many times.

So many talented people (actors, musicians, whatever) had to face hardships before finding fame either through luck or incessant ambition (one of the many criticisms levelled at 'The X Factor' similar shows centres around the absence of both, but that's for another thread). Those stars then flourish, a lot then crash and burn, but it would be fair to say that rational thought and perspective is much more in their grasp if that were to happen. They'd rediscover the 'little' things that they used to love and find comfort in them, and get on with their life.

However, child stars such as Bieber do not get the chance to develop a full awareness of the world, its delights and its problems (hell, even most of us mortals can't really manage it in a lifetime) before they're snatched from their everyday lives and placed in a Limo, with tinted windows...probably bullet-proof as well. Screaming girls, swimming pools and sunbeds, frighteningly, become the norm. The rules have changed. The goalposts? Non-existant, the game is won!

So, why all the hate?

Is it because he is genuinely talentless? That's subjective, but he must definitely have at least some talent, otherwise he wouldn't have found fame in the first place. You can't say that about every celebrity out there, though...

Is it because he produces fundamentally bad music? Perhaps, but again, it's horses for courses.

Could it be jealousy, because he's got all that financial and personal security? Perhaps but, to be honest, judging by how these things might turn out, there's not a lot to be remotely envious about.

Too much too soon... to the point where it's almost as if he's grown and been nurtured in captivity, unequipped to make fulfilling, meaningful connections with others and unable to even contemplate life in the 'real' world, by those 'old' rules. Sooner or later, he's going to realise that he's been denied (or denied himself - both, really) any experience of the irreplaceable, positive aspects of a normal life, the most obvious being relative anonymity. He shot to fame through social media, it seems proper that it would become both his career's life force and his worst enemy, and inevitably his downfall. Hell, let's ram the pretentious symbolism up to 11 - it's both a womb and a coffin.

I think most of the hate exists because he persistently seems to be so oblivious to concepts such as modesty and what most people would deem 'normality'. He acts like a diva and just takes every luxury at every opportunity, which is very damaging to his public image. That's why the press hound him - because they know the general public find pleasure in seeing someone like that stumble and how they cope with it. And (being the press) if they don't stumble, they're tripped. We're guaranteed a show (unlike his fans...anyone? Ok, moving on...)

Again, the quality of his music is subjective, but his reasons and motivation for writing / performing music is arguably very shallow and typical of his age. He feels it is his purpose to produce music which 'makes little girls' hearts feel better'. I would say that such a purpose is vomit-inducing and downright exploitative, but I think the worst thing about it is that it's downright typical, misguided and depressing. It's depressing confirmation that he is a marketing puppet rather than an artist with any credibility. He hasn't just been possessed by the more manipulative, sectors of the pop music industry, he's been raised by them.

Whether you empathise with him or outright detest him, celebrities like Justin Bieber need a fall, preferably via wavering attention than some overblown scandal.
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