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TBH I dont really care what the response is nor do i care if anyone agrees i just thought id put it out there.

Im NOT even a fan, i say this all the time, nor do i hate him because it makes me feel a little sick when people say they hate him.

The london gig thing, he was 40 minutes late NOT 2 hours and that wasnt even his fault, we are human not supermen for f***sake.

Oh but because the disgusting reality that is the british press we are made to believe that he was playing video games and threw a fit, just like adele is performing for michelle obama and the other bull that was written in all the usual bull papers that day.

People dont like his attitude.. Jesus how do you even know what his attitude is? We all see what..? 1% of his life and we all have bad days, he is 19, just for goodness sake.

I wonder if any of you have seen TMZ videos of paparazzi calling his little sister ugly and one of them telling him to kill himself, its vile.

Even when he got angry at the british pap did no one hear him provoke him no? It makes our country look worse than it already is. Typical britain, judging and keyboard warrioring abuse at people they dont even know.

Have you seen what people tweet him? The death threats, saying his mother should have aborted him ect.

End point is if you dont like his music dont listen to it and why spend your precious time trolling forums abusing someone you dont know. Dont care if people dont agree i said it
That boy needs therapy................
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