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Betty Britain
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Its funny how things have panned out for KP, she appears to still have feelings for pete and I am sure this desperation to have a Baby is tied up with this, to show him how she has moved on.
But it must be a bitter pill for her that pete has teamed up with a young pretty girl from a good background. And the best she can do is get a body builder to marry her, whether he is the father or not we probably shall never know, unless it is a very "prem" Baby weighing what a full term would be.
I believe part of what you say maybe true.. I think she is desperate to have a baby to kind of get over the one she lost with Pete just before they split..I think she never got over that loss ( not the right wording I know but can't put it any other way)
I also don't believe Pete is over her either.. ..
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