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Daily Star ran an awful story about Gary Holton with regards to his drug addiction and that he was dealing in it as well which was not accurate and put the star into a downward spiral which in my opinion made him take his own life with a morphine overdose mixed with alcohol, very sad indeed. His own mother petitioned the news paper after his death to get them to apologise for there disgusting lying reports about her son, like the nasty newspaper it is they refused, the poor mother suffered in the lost of her son as well as that scum rag being responsible for a witch hunt.

Gary Holton was a actor and singer who died way before his time.
Thanks for answering misslibertine in my absence cynet, I was away from my computer. I remember the whole thing clearly, was visiting relatives in Wales at the time for about a week or so and it seemed for every single day of that stay The Star printed another 'expose' of GH, for no good reason that I could work out. I was only about fifteen at the time but even then thought it was disgraceful, and my opinion has not changed. The Sunday Sport had more journalistic and moral integrity than that rag EVER had...
Thanks for the information both. I knew his name and face as my mother loved Auf Weidersen, Pet but I wasn't born when he died so I didn't know very much about it.
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