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TBF to him, that wasn't what he was talking about - he was talking about paying a huge percentage of tax (regardless of original income) and not seeing much return for it.

The last time I checked, actors (regardless of how many tricks they have) do not make taxation policies, either for companies or for the people. That is down to the government in power.

The one he was, quite rightly, complaining about.
I don't believe I actually stated actors made government policy, only that the government need to close the loopholes on corporation tax in order to have more money flow into the Treasury's coffers.

Sir Philip Green is another prime example of legal fiddling in that he lives and works in the UK, but has all his businesses in his wife's name in order to avoid UK tax. She lives in Monaco, where she doesn't pay a penny in tax. People like him are 'raping' this country in collusion with governments of all shades of politics who keep these laws on the statute books and don't repeal or change them.

Philip Greenís £285m tax dodge could pay for:
The full, hiked up £9,000 fees for almost 32,000 students
Pay the salaries of 20,000 NHS nurses
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