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Oh definitely. So sad, that.

A lot of people on this thread don't qualify on the 'peak' front. 'Peak' is when they had more or less the world at their feet and everything was well in their lives. Did a lot of very talented stars die too young, yes. And tragically, yes. But only a handful of people here died at the peak of their careers.
Yes, this is true. There are only a few names on here who died at their peak. In other cases, we can only envisage what their peak would have been, for instance Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly because they were so very young when they were killed and promised so much.

Then there are those we have lost far too young. Elvis, Whitney and Michael J - still quite young but their beauty and talent largely destroyed. And the latest victim of drug abuse, Amy Winehouse. God, it makes you want to weep when you think of the havoc drugs have caused to so much talent.
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