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Not every one can pay up front, once again the people who get the cheaper deals are the people who got the money to do these things. Look at utility bills, you got money you get a better deal, if you need to have a pre-pay meter then you pay more.

I can pay outright if I wanted to, but when I was on fixed line broadband I went with first telecom for my phone line and I was paying about 11 a month and no upfront payment.

You know full well what I meant, so don't try and be clever in front of your pal vision.

People should be able to choose a different company to rent their line from than who they get their broadband from.

Also don't forget, i don't have a phone line, well not active anyway and I still got broadband.
Looking at your posts I sometimes don't think you know what your on about, you seem to do little other than add negativity to whatever thread you go on, you repeat yourself time after time after time, then get the hump when people tell you to change the record; for crying out loud pay heed man
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