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Right, so all you are doing is proving him to be fairly clueless about the whys and the wherefores. He was not discussing tax loopholes. He was commenting on and moaning about paying high taxes and seeing no returns.
As it says in the Brian Reade piece I quoted the reality is that he's another whining rich man who wants to pay the lowest tax possible for the highest quality of life.

Not sure what is so difficult to understand about that, really.
Now, while the non-taxation of companies is a huge issue, but not directly connected to what he was talking about.
I totally understand what he's on about, but I also believe that he's a whining rich man.......see above.

The government are ripping us off. This is occurring personally through primary and secondary taxation, through not enforcing taxation on rich companies and through not using our taxes to pay for services we need, and believe we are paying for. And to cap it all, sometimes they let people declare themselves bankrupt rather than pay their bills.
The government are ripping us off, just as they've done for years, whoever's in power. And letting rich men become richer by paying precisely nothing.

In general terms, Winstone is right, the tax system is both a mess and unfair.
Indeed, and when the tax laws are stacked in favour of the rich it always will be, but seeing as the men in power are rich anyway, they'll always be quids in. I wish Winstone would put his money (or lack of) where his big gob is and sod off and take his daughter with him - and soon.

Perhaps the Cayman Islands would suit him? Loads of lovely tax breaks there. Or the Channel Islands perhaps?
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