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Well maybe she should have got her affairs in order beforehand. As someone has already posted - these tax bills don't just suddenly come out of the blue. If she's too stupid to work out her own taxes - surely she should have hired someone who knows what to do - she was obviously earning enough money to. But then again - she was probably too tight-fisted to do that. Bankruptcy isn't an easy option for the common people but for some people who don't even think taxes are for them - it IS the easy option.

Why oh why do people keep defending people like this is a true mystery.
I am not defending her or her actions. However she has created the problem and used the options available to her to help her solve it. It is, of course, unknown if she took bankruptcy voluntarily or if it was forced upon her.

However, why anyone would think that someone else should sort her problem out for her is a true mystery to me.
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